who are you?

hi. i'm benjamin langford-biss, you may know me for the 8 years i spent in the rock band as it is. now i release music on my lonesome under the name bleak soul. this project has been a long time coming.

when will my items arrive?

because i am now a 100% independent artist i will be making/ordering/fulfilling everything myself which i am very excited about. i am anticipating the vinyl records will be with me mid-late june and i can ship them out then HOWEVER obviously the world is not normal right now and if there are delays please don't get annoyed at me - i'm just one guy doing his best. i will be in contact if there are any delays but fingers crossed all runs to plan!

will you play shows?

yes. when the world decides to stop punishing us for being shit and there is a sense of normality i will be playing live and i am very excited for when that arrives.

who was involved in existential meditation?

good question. here are all the credits:

all music & lyrics by benjamin langford-biss
vocals, guitars, keys, drum programming, production & mixing by benjamin langford-biss.
horns on track 4 by kelly o'donohue.
mastered by brian mccalman
artwork by scott eyre.
logo by alex adam (boredom kills creative)
photography by poppy biss

any other questions please e-mail bleaksouluk@gmail.com